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The anterior subdivision of the forebrain in a vertebrate embryo; gives rise to the olfactory lobes, cerebral cortex, and corpora striata.



(also called endbrain), the anterior section of the brain. The telencephalon attains its greatest size and physiological importance in higher vertebrates and especially in man.

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Brain structures that displayed reactivity to the Arc antibody included the brain stem (LX; Figure 1), the internal cellular layer (ICL) of the olfactory bulb (Figure 1B), the dorsal and ventral regions of the telencephalon (Figure 1B), the periventricular granular zone (PGZ; Figure 1D), the optic tectum (TeO; Figure 1D), the hypothalamus and associated mammillary bodies (Figure 1E), the habenula (Ha; Figure 1F), the periventricular pretectal nucleus (PPv; Figure 1G), and the cerebellum (Figure 1H).
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White matter of the telencephalon was considerably reduced, especially in the parieto-occipital region.
Each hypertext contained seven sections (spinal cord, brain stem, cerebellum, mesencephalon, diencephalon, telencephalon, and prefrontal cortex), which could be navigated via the use of a navigation menu on the left side of the screen, the forward and backward buttons of the browser, or the key words of each section, which were linked with other sections.
In particular, the first evidence came from a genetic screening which led to the isolation of selective mutations affecting the early telencephalon patterning [99].
The caudal groups (B1-B3) project to the spinal cord, while the more rostral groups (B7-B9) project to the diencephalon and telencephalon, via two types of axonal terminals (thin and thick) that begin at the dorsal raphe nucleus and median raphe nucleus [12, 46, 47].
The second section details neuroanatomy, including the histology of nerve and glial cells, the autonomic nervous system, meninges of the brain and spinal cord, the ventricular system and cerebrospinal fluid, the telencephalon, the diencephalon, the brainstem, the cerebellum, blood vessels, the spinal cord, sectional anatomy of the brain, and functional systems.
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In the one study of functional brain anatomy in the whale shark (Yopak and Frank, 2009), however, it was confirmed that, like other sharks, whale sharks have very well-developed olfactory lobes of the telencephalon. They also have large nares on the leading edge of the upper jaw, closely apposed to well-developed neural bulbs.