Television Signal

television signal

[′tel·ə‚vizh·ən ‚sig·nəl]
A general term for the aural and visual signals that are broadcast together to provide the sound and picture portions of a television program. Also known as television emission.

Television Signal


a video, or brightness, signal that incorporates horizontal and vertical blanking pulses for the return trace of the electron beam in a kinescope during scanning. The maximum amplitude of a television signal is limited by the reference white and blanking levels. A guard band is often provided between the blanking and black levels. The incorporation of horizontal and vertical synchronizing pulses in a television signal results in a composite black-and-white television signal. The synchronizing pulses are located in the region of the signal spectrum below the blanking level, and their amplitude is 30 percent of the maximum amplitude of the composite signal.

A composite color television signal comprises a brightness signal together with the blanking pulses and all the synchronizing pulses, including the color synchronizing pulses. The brightness signal is superimposed with a color subcarrier signal that, together with the brightness signal, carries information about the transmitted color.

All the parameters of a television signal are stipulated by a television standard.


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