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see LagashLagash
or Shirpurla
, ancient city of Sumer, S Mesopotamia, now located at Telloh, SE Iraq. Lagash was flourishing by c.2400 B.C., but traces of habitation go back at least to the 4th millennium B.C. After the fall of Akkad (2180 B.C.
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However, the theme of a goddess with birds is represented on terracotta plaques discovered at Telloh, Nippur, and Ur.
Also compare the small terracotta sculpted head of a deity discovered at Telloh (Ur III period), Frankfort 1996: 102, fig.
This reviewer was most interested in the question of why the excavators thought the two Louvre pieces went together among all the stone objects found at Telloh. To the best of my knowledge, no information is available today on this point, though the obvious inference is that they were found together.