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compounds of tellurium with electropositive elements; salts of hydrotelluric acid, H2Te. Tellurides are analogues of sulfides and selenides. Alkali metals form with tellurium water-soluble tellurides of the general formula Me2Te, as well as polytellurides (for example, Na3Te2); alkaline-earth metals react with tellurium to form tellurides of the general formula MeTe. Tellurides of transition metals from groups IV-VIII of the periodic system are of variable composition; these compounds are insoluble in water and are decomposed by strong acids.

Tellurides occur in nature in the form of the numerous but extremely rare tellurium minerals. They are synthesized by, for example, the fusion of the components in an inert medium or the reaction of hydrogen telluride with metals or salts of metals. The tellurides of most elements have semiconductor properties. Tellurides are used in manufacturing photocells, infrared detectors, thermoelectric generators, and refrigeration thermoelements; they are also used as high-temperature lubricants. Tellurides of alkali metals are used in processes for producing tellurium.


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75 nm over the complete surface of inner silver telluride nanowire including the outer end also.
Thus, as the process continues, glucose in the system carbonises to amorphous carbon and an amorphous carbon coats on telluride nanowires surface and finally results in the formation of silver telluride core-shell nanostructure.
It can be seen that the device performance of CdTe solar cells with single-phase [Cu.sub.1.4] thin films annealed at 200[degrees]C is superior to that of the solar cells with coexisting phase copper telluride thin films at 220[degrees]C.
Copper telluride thin films were prepared by using the vacuum coevaporation method.
As a component of massive ore it occurs intimately mixed with sulfides, tellurides and gold.
The Emperor gold mine, perched on the side of a caldera on the island of Viti Levu in the Pacific Ocean, has been known as a source of native gold and telluride minerals since 1868.
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