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an urbantype settlement in Usol’e-Sibirskoe Raion, Irkutsk Oblast, RSFSR, on the left bank of the Angara River. It is a railway station 62 km northwest of Irkutsk. Tel’ma has a clothing factory and a distillery. There are dairy-and-vegetable and feedlot sovkhozes.

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Initially Telma will offer customers the BlackBerry 8800 smartphone.
Telma Sumie Masuko (; Sueli Nicolau Boaro; Bruno Konig Junior; Richard Halti Cabral; Joao Moreira Costa Neto.
Paul, who was a virgin, starts "appearing" to the guilt-ridden Pedro and asks it' he can "borrow" Pedro's body to have sex with a fellow veteran's wife (Silvina Bosco) and, when that fails, with Telma (Valentina Bassi), a young divorcee in Pedro's apartment building.
Delaying it, even only for a week, could have negative ramifications for society in general and may help flare up tensions here because as you know counter-protests are also being staged by people paid by Euromax Resources," Krum Velkov, a local activist, told Telma Tuesday.
If the purpose of detention is to prevent someone escaping or influencing witnesses, eight months later, nobody has escaped or repeated the act, said in an interview with Telma, the Speaker, Talat Xhaferi, commenting that the arrest of six MPs for the events of April 27, was unnecessary.
Meziani Taiga de Civrac qui n'est plus a presenter et qui reste sur une impressionnante serie de victoires dans des courses classiques, de Paolardiere, qui reprend du service apres son excel- lente deuxieme place derriere la favorite du jour et qui ne devrait pas laisser passer une telle opportunite pour venir soigner sa carte de visite, surtout qu'elle releve du meme entraineur que Taiga de Civrac, de Telma de Touchyvon, qui reste sur une belle victoire sur 2550Metres et qui bien placee au premier echelon, reste en mesu- re de venir prendre une part active dans cette epreuve, de meme qu'il faudra tenir compte des chances de la pensionnaire de l'efficace entraEneur H.
Telma Sumie Masuko (; Joao Moreira Costa Neto; Carlos Roberto Daleck; Antonio Carlos Alessi; Bruno Konig Junior; Sueli Nicolau Boaro; Richard Halti Cabral.
The Energy Regulatory Commission is not going to take into consideration the traders' demands about the margin and transport costs when determining the new methodology of setting petrol prices even though it said that during this vacuum period in which companies set prices on their own they were fair and some even gave up their margin to avoid a step price rise, Telma reports.
SDSM's Mayor-candidate for the City of Skopje, Petre Silegov will win over VMRODPMNE's candidate Koce Trajanovski, anticipate the results from the most recent political party preference survey conducted by the Macedonian Center for International Cooperation and TV Telma, for the capitol city.