an urbantype settlement in Usol’e-Sibirskoe Raion, Irkutsk Oblast, RSFSR, on the left bank of the Angara River. It is a railway station 62 km northwest of Irkutsk. Tel’ma has a clothing factory and a distillery. There are dairy-and-vegetable and feedlot sovkhozes.

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Telma, however, refused to sign their statement saying talks were still in progress and the legal modifications could eventually be favorable for the media sector.
We believe that a dynamic private sector can help a country grow, creating jobs and encouraging integration with other markets, said Tomasz Telma, Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia at International Finance Corporation (IFC).
We should wait and be patient", announced Vanhoutte for TV Telma.
Private sector participation can play an important role in addressing key infrastructure challenges in Armenia, and this transaction is an important step in that direction," said Tomasz Telma, IFC Director for Europe and Central Asia.
Mexico's government has issued a hurricane watch from Lazaro Cardenas to Punta San Telma along Mexico's southwest mainland coast, meaning hurricane conditions were possible within that area within 48 hours.
Karen and Telma - Lebanon, Yasmina - Egypt, Saleh the Entertainer - Morocco, Crazy Dunkers - Algeria, Nabilson - Morocco, Very Bad Team - North Africa, Marwa The Amazing - Somalia, Mohammad al Sheikh - Palestine, Duo Sora - Morocco, and Mohammad and Furat Gharbi - Tunisia put on their best acts for millions of viewers and judges Najwa Karam , Ahmed Helmy, Ali Jaber and Nasser al Qasabi.
Branko Geroski in Sloboden Pecat comments that the story with the "red telephone" is not worth a red cent if Telma TV doesn't publically announce who put pressure on them.
We're expecting very innovative, high-end technical studies focusing particularly on environmentally friendlier products, technologies, and processes that will allow us to give answers to the demands of consumers and the various markets served by the coatings industry," said Telma Florencio, coordinator of ABRAFATI 2015.
The classy line-up includes red, black and polled daughters and granddaughters of the Emslies herd's noted cow families - Pennys Tess, Wilodge Ritzy, Ronick Telma, Ballymoney Veronica and Heathlands Sweetheart.
Tomasz Telma, IFC Director for Europe and Central Asia, said: "IFC is dedicated to supporting private sector development in Bosnia and Herzegovina and partnering with Sberbank is an important part of that strategy.
According to the OSCE/ODIHR, apart from TV Telma, all other TV channels were biased reporting in favor of the governing coalition, as Sitel and Kanal 5 were not only biased but also very critical of SDSM during the local election campaign.
Telma, a leader of the Brazilian Pastoral Obrera, bears eloquent witness to a "sense of the sacred" in "faithfulness, in dialogue, in solidarity" with those consigned to society's margins (270).