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(cell and molecular biology)
A centromere in the terminal position on a chromosome.



the terminal segment of a chromosome. When chromosomes become fragmented, as through the action of ionizing radiation, some of the fragments may reunite, but they never reunite along the telomere. Consequently, telomeres prevent the joining of other segments of chromosomes.

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However, telomere length was not associated with developmental score in the subset of 210 children tested at age 2, although the researchers say the finding doesn't rule out telomere length-related neurodevelopmental problems at later ages.
Investigators from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania found that stem cells in the muscles of muscular dystrophy patients may, at an early age, lose their ability to regenerate new muscle, due to shortened telomeres.
They found that telomerase was able to add a damaged DNA precursor molecule to the end of the telomere, but was then unable to add additional DNA molecules.
Although how exactly TD can cause neural impairments is unclear, it is well known that oxidation stress cause telomere shortening and, thus, it is possible that oxidation stress may also cause neuron death," explained Yamaki.
Dr Kappei said, We are now actively pursuing the exact molecular mechanism through which ZBTB48 controls telomere length, and further looking into ZBTB48s role in various cancers, such as neuroblastoma, in which the gene is frequently deleted.
After extracting chromosomes from the patients' cancer cells, the researchers measured telomere length in each sample using a technology they had previously developed called Single Telomere Length Analysis (STELA).
As the exposure to PAHs increased, telomere length decreased in linear fashion.
Since my chronological age is 69,1 guess that's good news, although Titanovo cautioned that my telomeres might be too long.
However, analysis of the association between caffeine from all dietary sources and telomere length suggests that compounds other than caffeine may be responsible for the association.
To date, evidence that long-term exposure to air pollution can modulate telomere length (Hou et al.
It is not clear whether telomere shortening is an actual cause of aging and contributes to the development of degenerative characteristics, or merely a marker.
The researchers in this study investigated the links between sleep, obesity, and telomere length.