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(organic chemistry)
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(self-designation Temba), a people inhabiting the central region of Togo. The Tern, together with the related Kabre, Loso, and Lamba peoples, number approximately 450,000 (1970, estimate); the number of Tem exceeds 50,000. The language of the Tern belongs to the Gur group of the Central Bantoid languages. Many of the Tem are Muslims, although ancient traditional beliefs are also preserved. The Tem are mainly farmers; the chief crops raised are yams, corn, millet, and sorghum.

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Radisson Residences Avrupa Tem Istanbul investor Suleyman Cetinsaya, said: 'We are glad to further extend our relationship with Radisson Hotel Group.
Known as Mikey, the goBot transforms the way Tangoe processes fixed telecom invoices--making the company the unmatched provider of applying cutting-edge technology to solve customers' TEM challenges.
These voltage data can be further transformed into the apparent resistivity because sometimes it is preferable to use apparent resistivity transformation to have a direct relation with the geoelectrical section, as well as an initial estimate of the layer resistivities, which are often required in nonlinear inversion for interpretation of TEM data.
Moreover, the TEM gene had the highest positive rate, up to 63.4% (26/41).
pneumoniae) were randomly selected for genomic DNA isolation among all ESBLs positive strains and PCR for TEM and SHV genes were carried out.
E tem um papel decisivo que e o papel do medo, da producao do medo.
A transmission electron microscope (TEM) is a device that makes it possible to observe materials at the atomic level in size (0.1-0.2 nanometers).
However, since the clear visibility of targets in conventional TEM is owing to lipids, but not proteins, in their chemical compositions, the cytosolic proteins and their comprised cytoplasmic matrix do not acquire the electron density sufficient to overcome the intrinsic electron-density of embedding epoxy resin, resulting in their indistinct or just flocculent appearance in conventional TEM.
Refugees, organized on the social media after rumors claiming the Greece will accept them, had been stopped by security forces on TEM motorways near the entry of Edirne four days before had resumed their march on Friday.
Objective: To determine the use of TEM and factors for its use in patients with corneal ulcer.
A Constituicao Federal de 1988 tem trazido avancos importantes para populacao, dentre elas, a conquista de uma politica de saude publica denominada Sistema Unico de Saude (SUS).