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Terabit Ethernet

Terabit Ethernet is Ethernet transmission at one trillion bits per second (1 Tbps). True Terabit Ethernet is a future technology; however, in the meantime, Terabit Ethernet generally refers to Ethernet above 100 Gbps. The IEEE 802.3bs task force has defined 200 Gigabit (200GBASE) and 400 Gigabit Ethernet (400GBASE), which are expected to be commonly deployed by carriers and large enterprises by 2020. See 100 Gigabit Ethernet and Ethernet.

Distancein                             No. ofMeters  Fiber Mode  Designation  Fibers200 GbE
  500    Singlemode  200GBASE-DR4    4
  2 km   Singlemode  200GBASE-FR4    4
  10 km  Singlemode  200GBASE-LR4    4

          400 GbE
  100    Multimode   400GBASE-SR16  16
  500    Singlemode  400GBASE-DR4    4
  2 km   Singlemode  400GBASE-FR8    8
  10 km  Singlemode  400GBASE-LR8    8
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(23) While the term "tenancy by the entirety" developed much later, the courts treated property owned by married couples differently from other cotenancies.
They argue that the husband and wife no longer hold a unified title to the estate as a whole, and the tenancy by the entirety is destroyed.
Consider the tenancy by the entirety. (133) The structure
Like all property owners who meet the technical requirements, (167) married debtors who own real property as a tenancy by the entirety may claim a constitutional homestead exemption.
as to the types of assets that may be held in tenancy by the entirety,
By law, tenancy by the entirety can exist only between married persons.
Moy was selected for his article entitled, "Joint Ownership of Property: Two's Company, But Is Three a Crowd?" His article dealt with a troubling area in estate planning - the treatment of property owned as joint tenancy with the right of survivorship (JTWROS) and tenancy by the entirety. This area becomes more troublesome when three-way JTWROS ownership of property is involved in the gross estate of a decedent spouse.
Property that is excluded includes that held in joint tenancy with right of survivorship, or tenancy by the entirety, your spouse's one half of the community property, property held in a living trust and life insurance and retirement plan proceeds.
Jointly titled assets of married individuals: Field Service Advice 199932019 holds that 100% of the FMV of any assets held in tenancy by the entirety (and 100% of related debt, if any) is included in the measurement of insolvency when one spouse is calculating insolvency for COD income on a debt for which the other (solvent or insolvent) spouse is not liable.
It was questionable at common law whether a joint tenancy with right of survivorship or a tenancy by the entirety could be created by a conveyance from the owner to the owner and another.
Conversely, a disclaimer of a survivorship interest in a tenancy by the entirety filed after death will not be qualified under applicable state law because the survivor is treated as acquiring the survivorship interest at the time the property was acquired and placed in the tenancy by the entirety, rather than at the death of the first tenant, (IRS Letter Ruling 9427003).