see TanintharyiTanintharyi
, formerly Tenasserim
, region (1983 pop. 917,628), 21,297 sq mi (55,159 sq km), extreme S Myanmar. Dawei (Tavoy), the capital, and Myeik (Mergui) are the chief towns.
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, Myanmar.
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In the main, those doing the importing would not be subject to imperial coercion of the sort that took Maingy to Tenasserim. And this enduring role depended on Penang's persistent entrepot function, even in the era that saw it emerge as a Malayan staple port.
In September 2016, the two sides clashed in Tenasserim Region's Yebyu Township, after Karen troops approached an area near a NMSP outpost.
Additional information can also be found concerning Ayutthaya (Siam), Tenasserim, Patani, Champa, Pulau Pinang (Penang), Kedah, Melaka, Tidore, Makassar, Mindanao and Panay.
The communities were selected primarily because of their participation in the Tenasserim Biodiversity Corridor Initiative (BCI), which, according to the R-PIN of 2009, was regarded as Thailand's first REDD+ pilot site (1).
As Figure 1 shows, the Burmans populate the heartland of Burma and the west side of the most southern strip (Tenasserim).
The Karen State requested by the Karen was comprised of the Irrawaddy Division, the Tenasserim Division, the Hanthawady District, Insein District and the Nyaunglebin Sub-Division, the areas where the bulk of the Karen populace lived.
DistributionIndia, China, Mynamar, Tenasserim, Vietnam(Arrow, 1931; Balthasar, 1963a).
Land and freshwater Mollusca of India, including South Arabia, Baluchistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Nepal, Burmah, Pegu, Tenasserim, Malay Peninsula, Ceylon, and other islands of the Indian Ocean.