see TanintharyiTanintharyi
, formerly Tenasserim
, region (1983 pop. 917,628), 21,297 sq mi (55,159 sq km), extreme S Myanmar. Dawei (Tavoy), the capital, and Myeik (Mergui) are the chief towns.
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, Myanmar.
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In September 2016, the two sides clashed in Tenasserim Region's Yebyu Township, after Karen troops approached an area near a NMSP outpost.
Additional information can also be found concerning Ayutthaya (Siam), Tenasserim, Patani, Champa, Pulau Pinang (Penang), Kedah, Melaka, Tidore, Makassar, Mindanao and Panay.
Formiche di Birmania del Tenasserim e dei Monti Carin raccolte da L.
2015, Trajectoires littorales de l'hegemonie birmane (Irrawaddy, Tenasserim, Sud Thailande).
The communities were selected primarily because of their participation in the Tenasserim Biodiversity Corridor Initiative (BCI), which, according to the R-PIN of 2009, was regarded as Thailand's first REDD+ pilot site (1).
At the outskirts of this region Burmans are mixed with populations of the minority groups--Mon in Tenasserim, Karen in the south (Irrawady and Pegu districts), and Shan in the northeast--before reaching the respective minority heartlands situated at the borderlands of the country.
The Karen State requested by the Karen was comprised of the Irrawaddy Division, the Tenasserim Division, the Hanthawady District, Insein District and the Nyaunglebin Sub-Division, the areas where the bulk of the Karen populace lived.
It is, I hope, unnecessary to dwell on the inutility of seeking a strict idea of history among the Mons, or any other South East Asian people, before the prolonged and general contact with Western European systems of thought which arguably marks the true boundary between the "medieval" and "modern" periods in Further India, and which in their case began only with the British annexation of Tenasserim in 1826.
DistributionIndia, China, Mynamar, Tenasserim, Vietnam(Arrow, 1931; Balthasar, 1963a).
Land and freshwater Mollusca of India, including South Arabia, Baluchistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Nepal, Burmah, Pegu, Tenasserim, Malay Peninsula, Ceylon, and other islands of the Indian Ocean.
Trees large enough to be used for construction and shipbuilding were already so rare that timber was imported to Madras from the Tenasserim Coast.