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an island (now Tendra Spit) in the northwestern part of the Black Sea; site of a naval battle on Aug. 28–29,1790, during the Russo-Turkish War of 1787–1791.

In early August 1790 the Russian Army assumed the offensive against Turkish fortresses on the Danube in the cities of Kiliia, Isaccea, and Izmail. Rear Admiral F. F. Ushakov’s squadron was ordered to escort a rowing flotilla from the Dnestr liman to the mouth of the Danube to support ground forces. On the morning of August 28, Ushakov’s squadron (ten battleships, six frigates, one bombarder, and 20 auxiliary vessels) moving in three wake columns sighted the Turkish squadron of Kapudan Pasha Husayn (14 battleships, eight frigates, and 23 auxiliary vessels) at anchor near Tendra. Without changing to battle formation, Ushakov suddenly attacked the Turkish ships, which began withdrawing in disarray toward the mouth of the Danube. He forced the enemy to give battle, inflicting significant damage on the Turkish ships. At dusk, the opposing ships lost sight of one another and cast anchor. On the morning of August 29, the battle resumed. The Russians pursued the Turkish squadron toward the Bosporus, seizing one battleship and sinking two others and several auxiliary vessels.

Turkish casualties at Tendrá were about 2,000; on the Russian side there were 21 killed and 25 wounded. The Russian victory forced the Turks to lift the Danube blockade and facilitated the offensive of the Russian Army and Navy on the Danube.

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