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SEVEN YEARS AFTER THE START OF the New Orleans festival, Panny Mayfield co-launched the Mississippi Delta Tennessee Williams Festival, held every fall in Clarksdale, Miss.
6) Tennessee Williams, Memoirs (New York: New Directions, 2006), 43.
It received a one-night workshop presentation at the Manhattan Theater Club in March 2005 and had its first official performance as the opening gala of the 20th Tennessee Williams Festival in New Orleans, with Richard Thomas portraying the playwright.
As for certain omissions, they vary from incidental oversights (such as David Siqueiros's painting of Hart Crane being left out of "Art" though picked up later in "Crane, Hart") to neglected important bibliographical references (for instance, not citing William McMurry's 1982 dissertation "Music in Selected Works of Tennessee Williams" or Esther Jackson's "Music and Dance as Elements of Form in the Drama of Tennessee Williams," Revue d'Histoire du Theatre 15.
Devlin, editor of the newly published second volume of The Selected Letters of Tennessee Williams (New Directions): When the playwright and the sex doctor met a few months later, Williams "declined to give his own sexual history.
Divided into four sections, Tennessee Williams and the South focuses most intently on two areas of crucial influence on Williams--the Mississippi Delta and New Orleans (though Key West comes in a sporadic third).
Henry, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Sarah Bernhardt, Virgil Thompson, Jackson Pollack, Bob Dylan and many, many others.
But he has succeeded in nothing so much as transforming the White House from a symbol of august leadership and sober authority into a decaying Southern manse out of the pages of Poe, Faulkner, and Tennessee Williams.
He has interviewed some of the more interesting people of our day--including James Baldwin, John Henry Faulk, Dorothy Parker, Gore Vidal, Mahalia Jackson, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Toni Morrison, Pete Seeger, Maya Angelou, Simone de Beauvoir, Bertrand Russell, Leonard Bernstein, Eudora Welty, Margaret Mead, and John Kenneth Galbraith--and he gets them to talking in personal, immediate, and engaging ways.
I doubt Tennessee Williams would give his approval, since in offering us a Blanche as flaky and off-putting as Jessica Lange's, Mosher can't help but render a sideways judgment on the author, who surely had cast his own soul as Blanche when he wrote the play.
In spite of a hostile press during the last two decades of his life, Tennessee Williams died only one death.
The Tennessee Williams Film Collection" -- an eight-disc DVD set containing the acclaimed film adaptations of one of America's greatest playwrights -- debuts April 11 from Warner Home Video.

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