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A true neoplasm composed of bizarre and chaotically arranged tissues that are foreign embryologically as well as histologically to the area in which the tumor is found.
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a neoplasm occurring in man and animals that results from the impaired embryonic development of tissues. Found mainly in children and adolescents, it is localized in the sex glands and occasionally in other organs and parts of the body. A teratoma generally consists of different types of tissue, including connective, epithelial, muscular, and neural tissue, and may include such differentiated derivatives of these tissues as teeth and hair.

The most complex teratomas in terms of composition and structure are those that have developed from early blastomeres or from primary sex cells that are totipotential, or able to develop into any type of body tissue. Teratomas that arise at later stages of embryonic development (after gastrulation) are limited in composition by the formative potential of the embryonic germ layer or organ from which the teratomas originate. Simple, relatively benign teratomas are distinguished from teratoblastomas— malignant tumors composed of tissues of embryonic structure and lacking a tendency to differentiate. Simple teratomas are also distinguished from teratoids—developmental defects that are not tumors but that may develop into tumors. Teratomas may become carcinomas or sarcomas.


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Final histology confirmed the diagnosis of a mature teratoma, with presence of tissues from all three germ layers (e.g., stratified squamous epithelium with adnexal structures (ectoderm), skeletal muscle (mesoderm), and ciliated respiratory epithelium (endoderm)).
(v) Computed tomography (to exclude other related diseases): a mixed-density mass, sized approximately 4 x 4 (cm), with calcifications but with a discontinuous border over the left adnexa, and diffused abdominal ascites with mesentery edema; the findings were compatible with clinical suspicion of a ruptured teratoma caused by puncture (of a teratoma) during TVOR (Figure 1).
The CT scan showed aspects of mediastinal teratoma consisting of a combined cystic-solid tumour with walls of variable thickness.
Four cases exhibiting these features were erroneously diagnosed, which on subsequent histopathological examination came out to be 2 cases of broad ligament fibroid, retroperitoneal lymphangioma and malignant cystic teratoma invading the urinary bladder.
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An ovarian teratoma develops from a totipotential germ cell (a primary oocyte) that is retained within the ovary.
Por otra parte, cuando hay una conjuncion grave los gemelos pueden fusionarse en un conglomerado de tejidos que imita un embarazo unico, lo cual puede confundirse con fetus in fetu o con teratoma. La busqueda cuidadosa de la duplicacion de las piezas anatomicas, incluyendo cerebro, corazon, higado, las extremidades y la columna vertebral confirmara el diagnostico correcto.
The specimen was subjected to histopathology that revealed mature cystic teratoma; with no evidence of malignant transformation.
Dr Hassan said, "Sacrococcygeal teratoma is a tumour that develops before birth and grows from a baby's coccyx, the tailbone.
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