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Parliament of Kyrgyzstan discussed the situation in Terek-Sai village of Chatkal district, Jalal-Abad region, where 15 young men were arrested after clashes with the special force police officers.
Besides, we've extended the activities of the branches of the KyrgyzAltyn in Makmala and Terek-Sai for 20 years.
14 people were arrested in Terek-Sai village, Chatkal district of Jalal-Abad region, home to multiple gold and mineral deposits, for injuring police officers.
Geology Agency will demand construction of mill by investor in case of announcement of Terek-Sai fields competition, State Secretary for State Agency of Geology and Mineral Resources Nabi Eshnazarov told Tazabek on February 26.
Residents of Terek-Sai village rallied today to protest after 14 people were arrested in the Jalal-Abad region, home to multiple gold and mineral deposits, for injuring police officers.
Such order was given during visit to Terek-Sai branch of the Kyrgyzaltyn.
An opening ceremony of a maternity hospital took place in the Terek-Sai village of the Chatkal district of the Jalal-Abad region, the head of the village council Bolot Ashirbayev said.
Residents of Kyzyl-Tokoi and Terek-Sai villages demanded from the company to build water supply system and to hire more than 80% of locals.
Residents of Terek-Sai village of Chatkal rayon, Jalal-Abad oblast blocked the road on August 17-18 in protest against China's Full Gold Mining demanding to suspend development of the mine.
Protesters told the governor that Ishtamberdy mine is 20-25 km away from Terek-Sai village and poses danger for the village.
About 500 employees work at the mine, of which 30% are natives of Terek-Sai rural municipality, reported Tazabek.
The Apparatus of the Kyrgyz Government and the Ministry of Natural Resources of Kyrgyzstan deny reports of signing government decrees that the iron ore deposit Zhetim-Too, aluminum deposit Sandyk and gold deposit Terek-Sai will be given to the prospective investors, who will finance the construction of railway China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan.