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Other mercury-bearing minerals identified from the mineralized veins include montroydite, schuetteite, calomel, gianellaite, mosesite, terlinguaite, eglestonite, metacinnabar, cinnabar, native mercury and the second world occurrence of donharrisite.
17 mm and generally are similar in habit to terlinguaite crystals found at the locality.
08 mm within quartz vein cavities, and is associated with terlinguaite and cinnabar.
Terlinguaite is very rare in the deposit and only a few specimens have been identified.
Mercury minerals identified from the lower workings that probably formed after the cinnabar include eglestonite, hanawaltite, peterbaylissite, clearcreekite, calomel, terlinguaite, wattersite, edoylerite, deanesmithite, szymanskiite, and seven unnamed minerals.
shells pseudomorphing mercury droplets) and oxy-chlorides such as eglestonite and terlinguaite, which appear to be derived by oxidation of mercury and reaction with [OH.