Terminal Moraine

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terminal moraine

[′tər·mən·əl mə′rān]
An end moraine that extends as an arcuate or crescentic ridge across a glacial valley; marks the farthest advance of a glacier. Also known as marginal moraine.

Terminal Moraine


(also frontal moraine), fragmental material deposited in the form of one or several arched ridges at the lower end of a valley glacier when the glacier was in a stationary position for a long period of time. It includes material from lateral moraines and ground, medial, and internal moraines. Depressions dividing individual ridges of the terminal moraine are frequently occupied by lakes. The outer ridge generally rises several dozen meters over the valley floor.

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The Wisconsin Glacier was ploughing logs into the terminal moraine in Miami lobe as far back as about 19,500 yr ago (W-304 Westchester and W-724 or W-738 Hamilton) whereas the ice of Scioto lobe emplaced logs in end moraine 18,100 yr ago (Y-448 Cuba, W-91 Chillicothe, W-331 Anderson).
This was recognized by the earliest workers (Chamberlain 1882) from the outlines of terminal moraines (Fig.
Elias Mountains, based on tree-ring dating of white spruce, Picea glauca (Moench) Voss, that were killed during construction of the outermost terminal moraine.
2, 3) on the distal side of the outermost terminal moraine.
We obtained a tree-ring kill date of AD 1717 on a tilted spruce snag (02-28-1) east of the bedrock hill, on the distal side of the outermost terminal moraine bordering the east lobe of Kaskawulsh Glacier (Fig.
Key words: alpine glacier, Axel Heiberg Island, terminal moraine, advance, retreat, climate
Ice appears to override the terminal moraine in both cases.
Magnificently showcasing the effects of continental glaciation (in some places the flow of glacial ice was as much as two miles deep) created a variety of geologic features including kames, kettles, drumlins, ice-walled-lake plans, eskers, tunnel channels, basalt bluffs, dells, and rock-strewn terminal moraines.
First, Wegener's famous map showing the supposed arrangement of land during the geologically recent Pleistocene where the outer terminal moraines of the ice sheets in Europe and North America 'join up smoothly' was patently incorrect and quickly rejected.
The company is busy, the order book is full, production lines are churning the stuff out and the cleaning room looks like the terminal moraines of a glacier--plugged, blocked, choked and full to the roof.
Ages of glacier advances can be estimated by dating plant remains in lateral and terminal moraines, or by determining the age of trees or lichens growing on the moraines (Fig.