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Note the complete polyethylene ground cover, taped joints, wrapped under the perimeter slab edge and tied into the perimeter slab forms with a polyethylene "hem." Even better, note the stainless steel mesh clamped to the pipe penetration that gets cast into the slab creating a physical termite barrier. The ground is treated under the slab and at the slab perimeter with fipronil prior to the installation of the polyethylene ground cover.
The home is extremely non-toxic due to the use of a chemical-free termite barrier system; low or no VOC paints, stains and adhesives; and formaldehyde-free cabinets.
Cap the interior of the foundation wall with a 6-mil layer of plastic and galvanized flashing both to block moisture and to serve as a termite barrier. There is no sure solution for termites; building codes may require different details for termite control in your region.