Terra Mater

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Terra Mater:

see TellusTellus
, in Roman religion, earth goddess; also called Terra Mater. As a goddess of fertility, she was worshiped at festivals held in January (in conjunction with Ceres) and in April. Tellus was identified with the Greek Gaea.
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Considering the ambitious nature of shooting across the globe, the filmmakers set their sights on Vienna-based Terra Mater, which had amassed plenty of experience producing wildlife documentaries in remote areas around the world.
The documentary attracted Dicaprio's interest early on, according to Joanne Reay, Terra Mater's head of cinema.
Terra Mater Factual Studios immediately jumped on board "The Ivory Game," hoping to teach people about the tragedy of ivory poaching.
Przewozny, who attended the Terra Mater, claimed that it was organized by the Italian orders of Franciscan priests - not the Vatican.
Terra Mater, a wholly owned subsidiary of Red Bull Media House, has a slate for the coming five years that focuses on 100 hours of factual programming for its dedicated weekly slot on Austria's Servus TV channel--also owned by Red Bull.
It's the hybrid element that drew Terra Mater to "Lazarus." Production partner Thomas Feldkircher, who brought the script to Kohler, calls the film a "factual thriller." Inspired by the events of 9/11, the film weaves news footage of the terrorist attack and its aftermath into a story of a Navy Seal intelligence agent, Lazarus Fell (Fimmel) who fakes his own death and drops off the grid to pursue a 10-year manhunt for an unnamed terrorist (Desante) responsible for 9/11.
and the financing came from Terra Mater, Tomcat Prods.