Terra Nova National Park

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Terra Nova National Park,

153 sq mi (396 sq km), E Newfoundland, N.L., Canada, on Bonavista Bay; est. 1957. It is a rugged, deeply indented coastal area with forests and bogs.

Terra Nova National Park

Address:General Delivery
Glovertown, NL A0G2L0

Web: www.pc.gc.ca/pn-np/nl/terranova
Size: 400 sq. km.
Established: 1957.
Location:80 km east of Gander and 240 km west of St. John's. The Trans-Canada Highway runs through the park.
Facilities:Marine interpretation center (open May-October, @di), frontcountry and backcountry campsites, hiking trails (60 km), boat and bicycle rental.
Activities:Camping, hiking, swimming, sea kayaking, canoeing, boat tours, golfing, bicycling, wildlife viewing, interpretive programs.
Special Features:Park is representative of the easternmost section of the continent-wide belt of boreal forest zone, with diverse ground vegetation that includes more than 500 species of vascular plants, 200 species of moss, and hundreds of species of lichens. Terra Nova's Marine Interpretation Center includes a touch tank, aquariums, exhibits, interpretive programs, science camps, and videos.

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Terra Nova National Park is committed to reducing energy consumption by adjusting, retrofitting, or eliminating light fixtures; improving nocturnal ecology by returning the dark night to birds, bats, insects, and amphibians; and promoting and delivering new educational and interpretive programs on astronomy and other dark sky themes.
Terra Nova National Park (TNNP; 48[degrees] 34' 00" N, 54[degrees] 00' 00" W) is a large protected area (410 [km.
We thank all participating field staff from Terra Nova National Park (TNNP) and the Provincial Department of Forest Resources and Agrifoods (DFRA).
Terra Nova National Park resource description and evaluation.
A biophysical classification of Terra Nova National Park.
This difference in perception is illustrated by the feeding of eagles in the waters adjacent to Terra Nova National Park.
Resource conservation officers and local residents, it seems, were in agreement that eiders should once again flourish on a particular rocky island in Terra Nova National Park.
The source of this conflict goes back to the establishment of Terra Nova National Park in the late fifties.
Project description: The visitor centre located at Salton's Brook in Terra Nova National Park will be recapitalized to meet current and future operating requirements.