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A mosaic flooring surface made by embedding marble or granite chips in mortar, allowing the mortar to harden, and then grinding and polishing the surface.


Marble-aggregate concrete that is cast in place, or precast and ground smooth; used as a decorative surface for walls and floors.

terrazzo, terrazzo concrete

Marble-aggregate concrete that is cast in place or precast and ground smooth; used as a decorative surfacing on floors and walls.
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From there the new ribbon ceiling and terrazzo floor guide passengers into Sunset Plaza, intended to provide "open spaces to eat, drink and people watch".
CUTLINE: Custodian Christopher Moniak uses a tennis ball on the end of a broom handle to remove scuff marks from the terrazzo floor of the Worcester Trial Court.
Designed to evoke Sarasota's beaches and shallow waters, the artist's sensuous oasis cast in the terrazzo floor will lend a contemplative, calming sensation to the area that will eventually be the hub of the new campus.
Walls, plastered traditionally, are rose pink; and the terrazzo floor, partly damaged, has been visibly repaired with pink mosaic.
Q I have a 1930's bungalow with a terrazzo floor in the porch.
The renovation includes improvements such as a wider area and increased throughput capacity for the security checkpoint, larger airline gate seating areas, a wider corridor between gates, an artist-designed terrazzo floor and remodelled food, beverage and retail areas.
This concept is strongly communicated through the terrazzo floor pattern that circles the core with radiations that stretch outward toward the walls in warm earth tones.
Councillor Kevin Etheridge raised a number of concerns with Caerphilly council about the station in Blackwood - litter, standing water and the terrazzo floor tiles staining.
The terrazzo floor is tough and durable, hides dirt, and stands up to muddy boots," Kuth says.
It is most hectic on the ground floor animated by people and busy sales dispensed from long elegant counters that float above a terrazzo floor coloured blue - 'the colour of time and space'.
Restoration of the emergency state of the elements of the stone fireplace with figure relief, The marble plinth of the perimeter walls of the room, The restoration of the terrazzo floor and the repairs of the existing interior doors and the design of filling the ventilation creatures in the vault of the building.