Terry Cloth

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terry cloth

[′ter·ē ‚klȯth]
An extremely absorbent woven or knitted cotton fabric, covered with loops on one or both sides.
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Terry Cloth


(also called Turkish toweling), a linen or cotton fabric with loop pile (made from the warp thread) on one or both sides. In contrast to the pile of napped fabrics, which is formed under tension, the pile of terry cloth results from the free feeding of a somewhat slack warp. The pile is less uniform and sturdy than that of napped fabrics and lies closer to the surface of the fabric. In addition, terry cloth is usually less dense than napped fabrics. Because of its softness and ability to absorb quickly large quantities of moisture, the fabric is used to make hand towels, bath towels, robes, throw rugs, and similar articles.

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We also found a really nice, blue terry cloth velour, just perfect for drying a baby's tushie.
Concretes mixtures with marginal air contents are being tested using standard AASHTO-ASTM procedures and the terry cloth procedure.
English: I prefer something in terry cloth. As I fumble communication with my Fodor's Spanish Phrasebook (1997: 143-144), I realise that I may be offending the Catalan vendor, whose native tongue is most likely a complex variation of Spanish.
In March 1992, four month into her stay at Southwood Psychiatric Center in San Diego 13-year-old Christy Scheck tied sash of her terry cloth bathrobe around her neck and, while sucking on a Tootsie Pop, hung herself against her bathroom door.
The shoe owner then takes a terry cloth towel and wipes the shoes clean.
Promotional display materials include a terry cloth banner featuring Rominj, an inflatable Miller-identified raft and display enhancer offering the "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit photo shoot video for $5, also where legal.
Dodds recalled that the Milwaukee Bucks basketball players solved the problem by having terry cloth robes in their lockers, which they could slip on in seconds.
Meadowland is made with terry cloth as backing fabric, making it perfect for an excursion to the pool or beach.
Whether weaving upholstery fabrics, terry cloth, or technical textiles, Staubli Jacquard machines master every challenge.
Foundation Elastic Stitch: This stitch secures overlapped heavy-weight fabric, such as leather, vinyl, terry cloth or quilt batting (11).
Now pet parents can spoil their furry friend with a handcrafted terry cloth robe.