Terry Cloth

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terry cloth

[′ter·ē ‚klȯth]
An extremely absorbent woven or knitted cotton fabric, covered with loops on one or both sides.

Terry Cloth


(also called Turkish toweling), a linen or cotton fabric with loop pile (made from the warp thread) on one or both sides. In contrast to the pile of napped fabrics, which is formed under tension, the pile of terry cloth results from the free feeding of a somewhat slack warp. The pile is less uniform and sturdy than that of napped fabrics and lies closer to the surface of the fabric. In addition, terry cloth is usually less dense than napped fabrics. Because of its softness and ability to absorb quickly large quantities of moisture, the fabric is used to make hand towels, bath towels, robes, throw rugs, and similar articles.

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In addition to the bright colors, and nuanced expressions, using collage introduces a vast range of textures, such as terry cloth, wicker and crochet.
Simmons emphasized the hygienic and stain-fighting properties because of a three-layer fabric consisting of Coolmax, Nano-Tex and Teflon-treated terry cloth.
First spray on leather cleaner and rub vigorously with a clean terry cloth towel.
Holiday Needs: Stocking stuffers for children and adults; soft, huggable teddy bears in various sizes; BRIO wooden train components; soft baby dolls with layettes; toddler/preschool toys and crafts; toddler-sized quilts; new or used videos; umbrellas and rain ponchos; cotton-quilted or terry cloth housecoats; washable, various-sized slippers; two 30-inch- or 35-inch-high refrigerators; full and twin colored sheets; a double-sink utility tub; large-capacity washing machine and dryer; financial contributions to purchase these and other items
The Handi-Robe is made of high-quality velour terry cloth.
The top has either a plush fleece or terry cloth surface with a water-resistant nylon backing.
now use terry cloth beach towels or other old scraps of cloth.
Exquisite thick marble covers virtually all bathroom surfaces in the hotel, while all rooms feature European-style bathtubs, with hand-held shower, a separate oversised shower, a television speaker system installed under the vanity unit (so anyone can "stay tuned"), a two-line international direct dial telephone, plush oversised towels from Bangkok, choice of cotton or terry cloth bathrobes and a pair of Thai silk slippers, in the tradition of award-winning sister hotel The Oriental, Bangkok.
They're made of terry cloth and cotton," Kern says, "and are appropriate for sports, recreation and casual wear.
One 16- by 18-inch piece of terry cloth is enough to make two of them.