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in U.S. political history, an extreme states' rights group of Jeffersonian Republicans led by John RandolphRandolph, John,
1773–1833, American legislator, known as John Randolph of Roanoke, b. Prince George co., Va. He briefly studied law under his cousin Edmund Randolph. He served in the U.S.
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 of Virginia. Feeling that Thomas Jefferson and James Madison had retreated from the states' rights position they had taken in the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions and that they had in fact become nationalists, the Quids tried to deprive Madison of the Democratic-Republican presidential nomination in 1808. Their candidate, James Monroe, however, received sizable support only in Virginia, and Jefferson's prestige secured Madison's nomination.
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So wide was the rift between Jefferson and Randolph that the latter became one of the founders of the third party known as the Tertium Quids.
As the leader of the Tertium Quids (once they had coalesced into something of a functioning faction), Randolph declared the group's philosophy in a speech he gave in opposition to the War of 1812:
Caption: Political partner: Like John Randolph of Roanoke, John Taylor of Caroline was one of the Tertium Quids, men who opposed the two major political parties of the day and who defended republicanism and popular sovereignty.
The history of Randolph and his fellow dissident Republicans, the Tertium Quids, is samizdat in George Bush's America.
They named themselves the Tertium Quids and called for a return to "the principles of '98.