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, Fr. and Ger. Tessin, canton (1993 pop. 294,100), 1,086 sq mi (2,813 sq km), S Switzerland, on the southern slope of the central Alps, bordering on Italy. Bellinzona is the capital.
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, Switzerland.
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Perhaps most notably, 'Treasures from the Nationalmuseum of Sweden: The Collections of Count Tessin' was at the Morgan Library & Museum, New York, in spring 2017--the first and last time since the 1740s, Olausson says, that The Triumph of Venus has been outside Sweden: 'We won't lend it any more so that was a great occasion.' Carl Larsson and Anders Zorn are less fragile prospects and both painters have had well received--and in the case of Zorn, revelatory--monographic shows at the Petit Palais in Paris in recent years.
Verbreitung, Siedlungsdichte und Fortpflanzungserfolg des Birkhuhns Tetrao tetrix im Tessin 1981-2002.--Ornithol.
His architect, Nicodemus Tessin, had traveled to France and studied Versailles closely, and he plays a major part in Lagerlof's interpretation.
After pathomorphologic examination of carcasses (from Germany, Austria, Italy, Swiss Tessin) or samples (from Swiss St.
Significantly it is entitled " Mohsen Taasha Wahidi : MAIN d13 | one KABUL ( … ) two Tessin [THE RIVERS]."
He was quick to recall the signal sent by the Swiss people, on 22 September: on that day, the citizens of Tessin, a canton in the Southern Alps, decided to ban the burqa.
It was not long before he was drawn back to his native Alps where he took up several jobs in different mountain farming operations over the next 4 years, learning how to make cheese in Wallis, making hay and milking cows in Tessin, traveling around with farmers in the Pyranese and even venturing to far-off New Zealand to learn some English, travel and take a course in the art of shearing sheep.
Berna: Secretariat general du l'Conference Intercantonale de L'Instruction Publique de la Suisse Romande et du tessin.
Susanne and Georg Moser thought they'd be entitled to a 10 per cent finder's fee after finding it near a bin in Tessin.