Test Film

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Test Film


a film designed for testing and adjusting motion-picture film printers and projectors during their manufacture, operation, inspection, and repair.

Test films contain frames with test charts, crosshatched and radial test patterns, and optical or magnetic sound tracks. They are used to monitor the sharpness and stability of the image in contact and optical printing of copies and to determine the position of the projected image relative to the screen, the magnification and sharpness of the image, and the dynamic qualities and resolving power of the projection equipment. They are also used to find the range of fluctuation of the speed of the film in the film gate, the gain factor of the sound channels, and other lighting, sound-engineering, and mechanical indicators that characterize the operating quality of motion-picture equipment.

(In the USSR, a punched steel strip 0.15 mm thick, which is used to adjust the position of the pull-down claws relative to the film gate, is also called a test film.)


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Then, the bottleneck was sealed with the test film (5 [cm.sup.2] film area).
Fans hit out at champ's drug test film taunts Troubled boxing champ Tyson Fury has likened himself to fictional drugs kingpin Tony Montana after becoming engulfed in a cocaine scandal.
Two paints were cast side-by-side with one functioning as the control and the other as the test film. After drying for one week at 25[degrees]C and 50% relative humidity the paint films were scrubbed utilizing a Gardner Straight Line Washability and Wear Abrasion machine equipped with three brushes.
A large number of nonconformities caused by impurities in the test film also has a negative impact on the subsequent processing of these recycled pellets and leads to mechanical and optical defects in the end products.
In automatic mode, Model 3/34 allows the operator to simply mount a test film, set the temperature and relative-humidity conditions, and begin the test.
This carry case is very useful when using this device to test film thicknesses on-site where the deposition equipment is located.
At last, 20 microns were selected to be the test film thickness for asphalt binder.
Four-step phase shifting method [15] is applied here for the retrieval of phase information of fringe image cast on a test film. Besides the reference fringe projection, three additional projected fringes with a [pi]/2 increment of phase each time are continuously cast on test film.
"We did a test film and then we were told that we'd been chosen - they were looking for a family where the farm had been in the same generation for a number of years and so from that point of view we were perfect.
After 364 complaints on its release in 2008, Batman Returns was later used as a test film involving 8,700 people, where 69 per cent of people supported it being a 12A - the lowest ever.
"I started work on this two years ago when I did the test film for it.
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