relational operator

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relational operator

[ri′lā·shən·əl ′äp·ə‚rād·ər]
(computer science)
An operator that indicates whether one quantity is equal to, greater than, or less than another.
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relational operator

A symbol that specifies a comparison between two values. See also ampersand codes.

Relational Operator             Symbol

 EQ   Equal to                   =

 NE   Not equal to        <> or  #  or !=

 GT   Greater than               >

 GE   Greater than or equal to   >=

 LT   Less than                  <

 LE   Less than or equal to      <=
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To enable operator safety, Carter said, "All of our EST equipment features a GFI circuit to sense current escaping to ground and shuts down the output in order to protect the test operator. Our equipment also features a safety interlock to be used with safety enclosures to prevent contact with a DUT during a test."
In this example, the biggest cause of system variation is the variance in time likely caused by test operator variations in load/unload speed.
Gareth Davies and Aled Davies are both good players, but the jury remains out on the former as a game-manager and the latter as a proven Test operator. Tomos Williams, of Cardiff Blues, is flashy, skilful and dangerous, but can he boss a match at the top level?
I asked Mattielighova about access control on the system and how the test laboratory can be sure that once a test has been defined it cannot be adjusted or altered in any way by the test operator.
During a regular field testing route on the Iberian Peninsula, the test operator of QTEC--the Portuguese subsidiary of TUV AUSTRIA group - came to an above ground tank as shown in figure 5.
As well as this objective scoring approach, inspectors use their own judgment to decide how deeply to test operator performance and the potential underlying causes of failure before they make a regulatory decision.
The statistics, published yesterday by test operator Applus, also showed more cars failed than passed the NCT between January and June.
There was significantly lower compliance in documentation of the test operator and documentation of QC events for point-of-care urinalysis (P < .001) as compared with glucose testing.
They interact with the UUT locally and receive commands from or send messages or data for logging back to a central server where the test operator is located.
Scarlets' No 9 Tavis Knoyle and Williams lack experience at the top level and it would be an enormous risk to head to New Zealand without a second proven Test operator.
In addition to OTDR event analysis, pass/fail acceptance values can be set to alert the test operator of failing or marginal events.
One shortcoming of the swab test is that it must be conducted very carefully, which may be challenging in the field where a test operator or inspector may be high on a ladder testing steel overhead.