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1. Law evidence given by a witness, esp orally in court under oath or affirmation
2. Old Testament
a. the Ten Commandments, as inscribed on the two stone tables
b. the Ark of the Covenant as the receptacle of these (Exodus 25:16; 16:34)



in Soviet law, oral evidence concerning circumstances of significance for a criminal or civil case made by a witness during questioning or in court and included in the record. The information given as testimony may result from direct observation of the event, action, or fact or may be drawn from the accounts of other persons or from documents.

In criminal cases, testimony can be used to establish any circumstance subject to proof; in certain civil cases, testimony does not constitute proof, for example, an oral agreement concerning a loan of more than 50 rubles. Giving deliberately false testimony, refusing to answer questions, and giving evasive answers are criminal offenses against the administration of justice (for example, Criminal Code of the RSFSR, arts. 181 and 182).

In labor law, testimony is admitted in establishing the length of service when assigning pensions in those cases where the appropriate documents have not been saved and cannot be obtained because records do not exist. Testimony is authorized to determine the length of service of an industrial worker or office employee only in cases where at least one-half of the period in question can be confirmed by documents; for kolkhoz members, the entire period of service required for assignment of a pension can be established by testimony. The period of service is established on the basis of testimony of two or more witnesses, one of whom must know the claimant from working together at the same enterprise or in the same system. The testimony may be submitted in written form, in which case the authenticity of the signatures of the witnesses must be notarized.

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Sodales clerici per vitae consecratae testimonium, praesertim in presbiterio, peculiari caritate apostolica confratribus adiutorio sunt, et in populo Dei mundi sanctificationem suo sacro ministerio perficiunt.
Last, the conclusion portion will contain the testimonium (this is the final clause of a contract that signifies that the contract has been properly executed and in cases involving individuals, witnessed), and the execution provisions of the contract.
In cuius rei testimonium in monasterio divi Bartholomaei, quod Gaudium Vallis appellatur, fons ab incolis ostenditur: in quo scuto Regio, quelibet est res consideranda, sed prius unde Franci descendant, videndum est per.
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Such a Train too of Prolegomena, Notes Variorum, Proclamations, Remarks, Imitations, Hypercritics, Testimonium, Encomiums, and at the Heels of your Car, such numerous captive Offenders dragging after it, their audacious Comparisons of Dryden to Pope, and of Pope to Dryden
La pregunta por el testimonium no es sino la del testamentum de todos los testamentos, es decir, del sobrevivir en el morir, del sobre-vivir antes y mas alla de la oposicion entre el vivir y el morir" (9).
25) Pro Sulla 10: This was done in blunt terms by the younger Torquatus prosecuting Sulla: `In Autronium testimonium dixisti', inquit `Sullam defendis'.
And that two witnesses be required, appeareth by our books, and I remember no authority in our books to the contrary: and the common law herein is grounded upon the law of God expressed both in the old and new Testament: in ore duorum ant trium testium peribit qui interficietur: nemo occidatur uno contra se dicente testimonium.
Indeed, in the case of John 19:37, he argues that John has preferred an early Christian testimonium to the LXX text.
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