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Tenders are invited for L Earth Work on bund construction of flush bar Head Sluice Approach and Spill Channel Chute Falls Construction of Canal Canal Structure and Canal Lining OF TETKA TANK SCHEME
He visited them again last Friday, and was once again mesmerised by the bottlenose dolphins Senya (24), Ksyusha (22), Jerry (10), Tetka (20) and Fekla (20) and the fin-footed sea lions Gosha (20), and Lusha, Fila and Max (10).
While three of these, which are on loan from Ukraine, perform shows, the other four, Tetka, Fekla, Jerry and Bubbles, take part in the teaching sessions, and are from Japan.
The four new dolphins - Tetka, 15, female; Fekla, 15, female; Bubbles, 7, female and Jerry, 5, male - are Pacific bottlenose dolphins and have all been bought from an aquarium in Japan and landed in Dubai in early October.
a) a road surface of concrete blocks Polbruk Tetka gr phase.
b) pedestrian locate directly on the edge of the road surface of concrete blocks Polbruk Tetka gr phase.
Complete, for high Speed solar pump mining area under RPWSS village Tetka Block Jaisinghnagar District Shahdol
Government buildings in villages Tihki, Tetka, Karki of Block Jaisinghnager District Shahdol
Tenders are invited for Construction of Recharge Shaft, i/c Drilling of ordinary tubewell 150mm dia, 50m depth, Construction of Recharge filter, Roof water Harvesting in Schools/ Aagnwadies/Panchayat Bhavans, Cleaning of tube well, Renovation of old dug well in villages Tihki, Karki, Tetka of Block Jaisinghnager of District Shahdol