rice-paper plant

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rice-paper plant:

see ginsengginseng
, common name for the Araliaceae, a family of tropical herbs, shrubs, and trees that are often prickly and sometimes grow as climbing forms. The true ginseng (Panax ginseng
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After some research they went to a nursery run by the late great Will Giles who helped them gain the knowledge and experience to plant trachycarpus, melianthus, giant bamboo, cycads, tetrapanax, yuccas and bananas.
Oversize ravenea and tetrapanax suggest a sense of enclosure; a philodendron dangles overhead.
cipres) Oligonychus yothersi Anacardium excelsum (Kunth) Skeels (espavel) Tetrapanax papyrifer (Hook.
The dramatic Tetrapanax papyrifera, or rice-paper plant, is a real must-have if you want to create drama within your tropical plant collection.