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(organic chemistry)
H2NC(NH)3N2C(NH)3NO An explosive, colorless to yellowish solid practically insoluble in water and alcohol; used as an explosive initiator and in detonators.



(or Tetracene), a yellow crystalline substance, poorly soluble in water and organic solvents, with a density of 1.685 g/cm3.

Tetrazene is an explosive initiator that is used in pin-type primers as a sensitizer for lead azide or lead trinitroresorcinate; the heat of explosion is 2,305 kilojoules per kg, or 550 kilocalories per kg, and the flash point is 140°C. Tetrazene is obtained by the interaction of aqueous solutions of nitrate or carbonate of amino-guanidine with sodium nitrite.


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Expression of Interest are invited for Supply of Tetrazene specn jss,texicryl 13-218 acrylic copolymer ermulsion ,solvent mixture in proportion of parts acetone to specn,tin INGOT 99.
Colour agents like tetrazene were used which is also not at all permissible as an additive.
Winchester's lead-free and heavy-metal-free primer uses dinol, tetrazene, boron and potassium nitrate.