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(organic chemistry)
H2NC(NH)3N2C(NH)3NO An explosive, colorless to yellowish solid practically insoluble in water and alcohol; used as an explosive initiator and in detonators.



(or Tetracene), a yellow crystalline substance, poorly soluble in water and organic solvents, with a density of 1.685 g/cm3.

Tetrazene is an explosive initiator that is used in pin-type primers as a sensitizer for lead azide or lead trinitroresorcinate; the heat of explosion is 2,305 kilojoules per kg, or 550 kilocalories per kg, and the flash point is 140°C. Tetrazene is obtained by the interaction of aqueous solutions of nitrate or carbonate of amino-guanidine with sodium nitrite.


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Colour agents like tetrazene were used which is also not at all permissible as an additive.
Winchester's lead-free and heavy-metal-free primer uses dinol, tetrazene, boron and potassium nitrate.