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Dĕčín (dyĕˈchēn), Ger. Tetschen, city, Czech Republic, in Bohemia, on the Elbe. It includes (since 1950) the city of Podmokly (Ger. Bodenbach), which is on the left bank of the Elbe. It is a railroad junction, a river port, and an industrial center. Manufactures include machinery, fabricated-metal products, food, textiles, printing, and publishing. Founded in 1128, it was incorporated into Czechoslovakia in 1918. Until World War II, the population was largely German-speaking. The city has a 17th-century castle with a fine library.
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a city in southwestern Czechoslovakia, in the Czech Socialist Republic, in the province of North Bohemia, on the Labe River. Population, 44,200 (1970). It has a landing stage and a railroad junction. In Děčín there are machine-building, chemical, and food industries.

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