Teusina, Peace Treaty of 1595

Teusina, Peace Treaty of (1595)


a peace treaty between Russia and Sweden, signed in Teusina, near Narva, in May 1595. According to the treaty’s terms, Russia received Korela, lam, Kopor’e, and Ivangorod, the last three of which had been lost at the end of the Livonian War of 1558–83 and recaptured from the Swedes in 1590. In return, Russia gave up its claims to Swedish possessions in Livonia. The treaty also forbade merchants from other countries to call at Russian ports on the Baltic coast; they could trade with Russians only in Revel (Tallinn) and Vyborg. The treaty was not ratified by the Russian government until 1609, when a new agreement between Russia and Sweden was concluded in Vyborg.


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