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, c.950–1022, German monk, also known as Teŭtonĭcus. He was a teacher at St. Gall. Notker translated into Old High German Boethius' Consolations of Philosophy, Capella's Marriage of Mercury and Philology, Pope Gregory I's Morals,
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Eventually these glosses took on a standard form known as the Glossa ordinaria, compiled by Johannes Teutonicus circa 1217.
So, in Farnley Tyas we have a Saxon place-name (Farnley) coupled with the family name of the occupiers (Tyas from Teutonicus)."
They were capable of great generosity as well as cruelty; they were passionate in civil disputes and in war displayed extreme rage and fury, the furor teutonicus." (8)
4, citing Macray, Register, 10, recording a tenement "in quo Dedyck Teutonicus nuper inhabitavit" [in which Dedyck the German recently lived].
Dominican Dietrich from Freiburg (Theodoricus Teutonicus, 1250-1310) became famous owing to his studies of the optics and natural philosophy.
De modo que en este punto, Leonardo Polo con quien mas parecido guarda de entre toda la tradicion filosofica precedente es con el Magister Teutonicus (32), autor tan profundo en este tema como poco celebre en la historia del pensamiento y, asimismo, no aludido en las publicaciones de Polo.
La ferocia y el furor de los germanos puede analizarse mediante el trabajo de MAIER, F.: <<Furor Teutonicus im Bellum Gallicum>>.
--, Die Exkommunikations- und Depositionsgewalt der Haretiker bei Gratian und den Dekretisten bis zum Glossa Ordinaria des Johannes Teutonicus, Munchen 1987.
It is almost as if this image clarified the current feeling about Germany: it would be impossible to use a woman's curves to representa country that the editorial defines as rigid, dark, capable of cruelty, and suffering with a Furor Teutonicus.
"Heinrich von Kleist und Napoleon Bonaparte, der Furor Teutonicus und die ferne Revolution." Heinrich von Kleist.
They had had their first taste of the furor teutonicus. ("Service in the German Army")
Weigand, Die Naturrechtslehre der Legisten und Dekretisten von Irnerius bis Accursius und von Gratian bis Johannes Teutonicus. Max Hueber.