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river: see TiberTiber
, Ital. Tevere, Latin Tiberis, river, 251 mi (404 km) long, rising in the Etruscan Apennines, central Italy. It flows generally S across Tuscany, Umbria, and N Latium, then SW through Rome to empty into the Tyrrhenian Sea by two mouths.
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With his lender, Fannie Mae, threatening foreclosure and no money for a lawyer to help renegotiate terms, Tevere turned to Legal Aid of Manasota and volunteer attorney David Morrill.
Parrhesia finds its incarnation in a radio drama offered as installation, What we might have heard in the future (2010/2014) by Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere, presented at the Casino.
Es necesario destacar que en el caso de esta revista, la atencion que dedico al estreno consistio unicamente en la reproduccion textual de un fragmento de la resena sin firma aparecida en II Tevere (Anonimo, "Gli spettacoli" 3).
Vivia, como dije, en Villa Tevere, donde tambien residia san Josemaria.
Cartografia e idraulica del Tevere (secoii XVI-XVII).
Unusually, the familiar black-and-orange silks of champion owner Dr Ian Shenkin are absent from the final day, with those colours having been carried with honour this season by the remarkable Champion Hurdle winner Tevere and Groomsman, among others.
He found only Tevere too strong in a competitive Southwell heat last time and should relish the return to a course he has won at previously.
TEVERE can give David Pipe the biggest prize of his fledgling training career by taking the totesport.
David Pipe is hoping either Inch Pride or Tevere can oblige in to day's totesport.
Each year Opus Dei furnishes the Vatican basic data about its membership, so Villa Tevere asks each region to give it a number of supernumeraries, but the names are not forwarded.
Then, I'd continue on to hill Zodiaco where you can overlook Rome and the river Tevere.
Screenplay, Antonioni, Tonino Guerra, based on Antonioni's book, "Quel Bowling sul Tevere.