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1. a long-horned breed of beef cattle, usually red or variegated, formerly common in SW US
2. a now rare British breed of beef cattle with long curved horns


The code name for the Windows Vista operating system. After the client version was renamed "Vista" in 2005, Longhorn referred to the server version until it was officially named Windows Server 2008 in May of 2007. See Windows Vista.
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Shortly after that article appeared, Bill went from gunsmith to gunmaker as he opened the doors of Texas Longhorn Arms.
Some notable breeds on the Conservancy's list include Texas Longhorn cattle, Clydesdale horses, Dominique chickens, and Tennessee Fainting goats, among others.
A Texas Longhorn and the defiant Come and Take it slogan can be seared into meat on the custom iron oven grates, and the phrase West Coast Choppers Texas Barbecue further customizes the build.
In the mid-1980s, Bill Grover of Texas Longhorn Arms built his salute to Elmer Keith with his Improved Number Five.
She rode her Texas longhorn steer some 650 miles, from Carbon.
English Longhorns are excellent foragers and, like the Texas Longhorn, can thrive outdoors year-round even in harsh climates
A herd of Texas Longhorn cattle will adorn the ranch.
There is no more appropriate place to showcase the stronger, smarter, more capable 2014 Silverado than in the heart of truck country at Texas Longhorn sporting events, said Chris Perry, vice president of Chevrolet Marketing.
A three-time Pro Bowl selection, the former Texas Longhorn has played for the Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, and New Orleans Saints during his (http://www.
5 SAA as well as the Texas Longhorn Arms Improved No.
He was past president of the Northwest Longhorn Association and a member of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America and the Cascade Texas Longhorn Association.

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