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A GNU documentation system that uses a single source file to produce both on-line information and printed output. You can read the on-line information, known as an "Info file", with an Info documentation-reading program. By convention, Texinfo source file names end with a ".texi" or ".texinfo" extension.

You can write and format Texinfo files into Info files within GNU Emacs, and read them using the Emacs Info reader. If you do not have Emacs, you can format Texinfo files into Info files using "makeinfo" and read them using "info". TeX is used to typeset Texinfo files for printing.

Texinfo is available from your nearest GNU archive site.

Latest version: 3.1, as of 1993-03-23.
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apt-get install wget git-core unzip make gcc g++ build-essential subversion sed autoconf automake texi2html texinfo coreutils diffstat python-pysqlite2 docbook-utils libsdl1.
Los ejemplos de formatos adecuados para copias Transparentes incluyen ASCII plano sin formato, formato de Texinfo, formato de LaTeX, SGML o XML que usen un DTD disponible ampliamente, y HTML simple que siga los estandares y este disenado para modificaciones humanas.