Textile mill

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Textile mill

A factory in which woven fabrics are manufactured; many early mills were of timber and masonry construction, and were sometimes operated by water power to run machinery.

textile mill

A factory in which woven fabrics are manufactured. Many early mills were located near a source of water power for operating the machinery; most were of timber construction and in constant danger of being consumed by fire. In 1832, a significant advance in fire safety occurred with the construction of a mill in Rhode Island that was especially designed to resist fire (and to burn slowly if ignited) by using thick floor planking, by minimizing the number of timber beams, and by maximizing the cross-sectional area of each beam. These design criteria, widely applied, greatly improved fire safety in the mills.
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Among those who have been declared defaulters included Chenab Fabrics, Jaguar Limited, Mukhtar Textile, Sehrash Textile, Nishat Textile Mills, Adam Fabrics, Bashir Printing Industries, Farooq Fayyaz, Libbia Dyeing, Rakish Textile, Iqbal Dyeing, Shalimar Fabrics, Urooj Textile, Hina Sana Textile, ZB Textile, Moon Textile, NM Industries, Sargodha Cloth, Usman Dyeing, Meharban Siddique Processing, Meharban Fabrics, Al-Harm Textile, Al-Harm Fabrics, Master Textile, Ehsan Textile, Nafees Processing, Ravi Calendaring Factory and Haseeb Spinning Mills.
William Schouler: We will now hear from Miss Sarah Bagley on the working conditions in Lowell's textile mills.
At the outset of court proceedings, counsel of the bank presented his arguments and informed the bench that owners of the textile mill had taken loans for business purposes after mortgaging the mill built on 27 kanal (around 3.
uk mill owners and public bodies to work together to maximise the potential of the region's historic textile mill buildings to bring benefits to local communities and the economy.
The entire episode of installation of textile mill served only the petty personal interests of the politico-bureaucratic agents of the federal government during eighties.
Two days after he announced that his party would enforce a general strike in Mumbai tomorrow on the textile workers' issues, Shiv Sena's executive president Uddhav Thackeray said the Sena had decided to "defer" its bandh call to a later date in view of the assurances given by Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan to the leaders of textile mill workers' organisations.
If they would have come quickly a lot could have been saved," said Manoj Sood, the owner of the textile mill.
However, in both cases no effort was made to explore the meaning of the disability stories in the context of the lives of textile mill workers or in relationship to the traditional historiographic issues surrounding textile workers.
Similarly, Sharif Family on the name of Ramzan Textile Mill took Rs.
According to the notice, power supply from Shams Textile Mill feeder emanating from 66-KV Shams Textile Mill grid station will remain suspended from 5:30 am to 6:30 pm, while Ashiyana Textile Mills Limited feeder originating from 66-KV Ashiyana grid station will observe shutdown from 8:00 am to 11:00 am on Wednesday (July 19).
Tanzania's Mohammed Enterprises has agreed to invest US $10 million into the mill to restart the textile mill, which was shut down in 2007-08 due to economic problems.

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