Thaddeus Stevens

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Stevens, Thaddeus


Born Apr. 4, 1792, in Danville, Vt.; died Aug. 11, 1868, in Washington, D.C. US political figure; lawyer.

Stevens began his political career by supporting the Whigs and later joined the Republican Party. He was a member of the House of Representatives in 1849–53 and from 1859 until his death. He was a leader of the Republican Party’s left wing. During the American Civil War (1861–65), Stevens was a strong advocate of decisive measures in the conduct of the war. After the war, as de facto head of the Joint Committee on Reconstruction, he defended the bourgeois-democratic program of Reconstruction, which provided for total liquidation of slavery, the establishment of equal civil and political rights for Negroes, and the confiscation of the land of plantation owners and its distribution among Negroes and poor whites.

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Thaddeus Stevens Foundation: $1,000 to support training of post-secondary students in the Collision Repair Technology program.
Simpson (who is the Foundation Professor of History at Arizona State University), this Library of American edition of "Reconstruction" is an anthology that brings together more than one hundred contemporary letters, diary entries, interviews, petitions, testimonies, and newspaper and magazine articles by well-known figures including Frederick Douglass, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, Andrew Johnson, Thaddeus Stevens, Ulysses S.
Donald Dagen teaches a mechatronics/electro-mechanical technology program at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology and credits 3-D printing for motivating his students in and out of the classroom.
After initial hopes that Andrew Johnson would be one of their own, radical Republicans like Benjamin Wade, Thaddeus Stevens, and Charles Sumner fiercely countered the president's conciliatory approach to the former Confederate states.
Thaddeus Stevens of Pennsylvania, who served from 1849 until his death in 1868, espousing the wrong position on slavery in the House could be bad for one's health.
Procida Funding's 100 Mile Fund announced that the firm closed on a $ 16,200,000 construction loan for the famous Mural Arts Lofts building, aka the Thaddeus Stevens School in Philadelphia.
To Radical Republican leaders such as Senator Charles Sumner and Representative Thaddeus Stevens, it seemed white residents of the South were treated with remarkable leniency.
Ashley Ann Lamar and Thaddeus Stevens Welch III were united in marriage at seven o'clock in the evening on January 12 2013, at Saint Richard of Chichester Catholic Church in Jackson.
Lancaster was home to James Buchanan and Thaddeus Stevens during the Civil War era.
Although Daniel Day-Lewis has rightly earned accolades for his performance as Lincoln, to my mind Tommy Lee Jones nearly carries away the show with his portrayal of Thaddeus Stevens, the surly radical Republican and abolitionist who excoriated his political opponents on the Capitol floor.
Secretary Of State William H Seward (David Strathairn) counsels against the motion, but Lincoln is adamant the Bill must be passed before the end of the war and he enlists William N Bilbo (James Spader) and Colonel Robert Latham (John Hawkes) to procure votes while fervent abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens (Tommy Lee Jones) riles the Democrat opposition led by Fernando Wood (Lee Pace).