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A hereditary form of hemolytic anemia resulting from a defective synthesis of hemoglobin: thalassemia major is the homozygous state accompanied by clinical illness, and thalassemia minor is the heterozygous state and may not have evident clinical manifestations. Also known as Mediterranean anemia.



(also thalassanemia), a familial hemolytic anemia, first detected in 1925 among inhabitants of the Mediterranean region. Thalassemia is caused by disturbances in hemoglobin synthesis.

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The owner of Kashif Thalassemia Centre Karachi who started his centre after death of his son with this disease told that now with the public awareness and better treatment of the patients, the affectees are spending happy life and in many cases, they got married and had got kids even in few cases twin babies were born for which he invited the all segments of the life to not only save the lives of the innocent patients as majority of the poor peoples are the main victim of the disease.
2] level was due to the anti-HIV medication, and the patient did not have beta thalassemia trait?
As shown in table 1, comparing means of individuals with alpha deletion in beta-thai carriers, alpha deletion can modify mean of indices in beta thalassemia carriers slightly.
It was reported that in Pakistan, 29% parents of thalassemia children had moderate to severe depression while 16% had excessive sleep problems.
1 Thalassemia syndromes are the most common single gene disorder throughout the world and have a carrier rate of 3%.
The objective of this initiative was to spread awareness about Thalassemia and its adversities in Pakistan and preventive measures to eradicate this problem.
KEY WORDS: Alpha thalassemia, Beta thalassemia major, Co-inheritance, Genetic analysis, a3.
There are estimated 60-80 million people in the world who carry beta thalassemia trait alone1.
Conclusion: With the increasing population the number of thalassemia affected individuals is increasing in the region.
The early detection of asymptomatic carriers of thalassemia (heterozygotes) makes it possible to provide genetic counseling, which may lead to reduce the incidence of homozygous condition and its fatal outcome.
Thalassemia and other haemoglobinopathies are a group of hereditary disorders of haemoglobin (Hb) where there is quantitative and qualitative abnormal production or structure of Hb molecule, (1-2) a major public health problem in many parts of India.
Fifty diagnosed b - thalassemia major patients were randomly selected from the patients who were registered for their treatment at the Husaini blood bank and Institute of Blood Diseases Karachi.