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A plant body that is not differentiated into special tissue systems or organs and may vary from a single cell to a complex, branching multicellular structure.



the body of lower plants (algae, fungi, myxomycetes, lichens). A thallus is not differentiated into stem and leaves. Thalli are characteristic of thallophytes.

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The popularity of usnic acid is not only due to its pronounced bioactivities, but also its high content in lichen thallus up to 8% of thallus dry weight in Flavocetraria nivalis (Bjerke et al.
The sporophyte is a multicellular thallus typically consisting of internal (i.
Thallus filamentous, erect, 1 mm high, growing into one or two filaments from each basal cell.
Occurrence of Vaucheria in wrack is due to its siphonous thallus structure, which enables to effectively overcome the water transport problem and enables the alga to grow outside truly aquatic habitats (Christensen, 1987).
The squamules can be convex, concave or convoluted, erect and elongated or flat and [+ or -] distinctly peltate, brown, olivaceous or blackish, matt, glossy or often covered by a bluish white pruina; the apothecia remain completely immersed or are secondarily raised above the thallus surface and then surrounded by a thalline margin.
The evolution of thallus form and survival strategies in benthic marine macroalgae: field and laboratory tests of a functional form model.
Cell I subspherical, partially to entirely inserted within host's integument; thallus penetrating beneath integument with large haustorium (rhizomycelium).
Thallus laminaris, membranaceus, ad tactum mollis, intense roseus vel rubescens, oblongus vel suborbicularis, usque ad 25 cm altus, 16 cm latus, disco rhyzoideo praeditus, stipite brevi, non plus quam 0,5 cm longo.
Viable cells were counted by the cell- or thallus forming unit method for bacteria or fungi, respectively.
The articles include name, type, references, thallus, apothecia, apothecial anatomy, ascospores, pycnida, chemistry, substrate and ecology, distribution, notes, and specimens examined.
Awasthi (Ramalinaceae) is a tufted, errect, fruticose lichen with thallus corticolous, tufted, errect, yellowish grey in colour, branched [14].