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(thā`sŏs), island (1991 pop. 13,527), c.170 sq mi (440 sq km), NE Greece, in the Aegean Sea. Timber, olive oil, honey, wine, and lead-zinc ores are its chief products; boatbuilding, fishing, and tourism are the main industries. Oil was discovered in the Aegean off Thasos in the early 1970s, leading to a dispute with Turkey over continental shelf rights. In legend its earliest colonists were led by Thasus, son of Poseidon, for whom the island was named. It was famous in ancient times for its gold mines, which were exploited by the Phoenicians. The island was colonized c.708 B.C. by persons from Páros, among whom was the poet Archilochus. In the 5th cent. B.C. it was subdued by Persia and then fell to Athens. A revolt against Athens was put down by Cimon in 463 B.C. The Ottoman Turks held Thásos almost continuously from the mid-15th cent. A.D. until 1912, when it passed to Greece.



an island in the northern part of the Aegean Sea, separated from the Greek mainland by the Thasos Strait, which is about 6 km wide. Thasos has an area of 379 sq km and rises to a maximum elevation of 1,203 m. It is composed of gneisses, granites, and schists and has deposits of iron and complex ores. Marble is quarried on the island. The island shelf contains deposits of natural gas. Thasos has Mediterranean shrubs and softwood forests as well as vineyards and olive groves. Commercial fishing is practiced. The main population center is Thasos (formerly Limen [Limin]). Near the town lie the ruins of the ancient city of Thasos; remnants of the city’s walls, temples, and agora are still extant.

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This misunderstanding was also confirmed by Khaled Fahmy, a professor at Harvard University, who explained that although Chois island is geographically closer to Egypt, it does not house Egyptian Endowment Ministry properties, saying that Thasos is the island that contains such properties.
Scholars are uncertain of the date of the Thasian rebellion, as well as of the dates of the earthquake and Messenian rebellion in Sparta that in Thucydides's account follow on the revolt in Thasos.
21) We do not hear of rivalries between Parians or Thasians and Lesbians in this period, although Marcaccini (2001: 197) suggests that Lesbians might have also come to Thasos as settlers ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) and fought either against or beside Parians as their allies.
the sea-washed dry meat of ancient Thasos float in garlic salt pools,
It is carved from marble quarried on the Greek island of Thasos which is distinctive for the large crystals embedded in it.
Such was the status and celebrity achieved by star athletes that one outstanding victor in the pancration (a combination of boxing, judo and all-in wrestling), called Dorieus, was freed by the Athenians after being captured at sea in the Peloponnesian War because he was a Panhellenic victor, while the statue of another such victor, named Theagenes of Thasos, stood next to that of Alexander the Great at Olympia.
Three of the cultivars were winter bread wheat (Stava, Rental, and Mjolner), four were spring bread wheat (Vinjett, Thasos, Tjalve, and Hanno), and four cultivars were durum wheat (Astrodur, Helidur, Grandur, and Extradur).
Moore is the subject of the celebratory essay "Marianne Moore" (Geography 114-22), the poem "At Marathon," and is as well the inspiration, with Louis Agassiz, of the poem that follows "At Marathon" in Thasos and Ohio, "The Medusa" (25-27).
The varieties include Atalanti, Nafplion, Elitses, Amfissa, Kaliva, Ionian Green and Thasos.
Indeed, Philiscus's case is cited in the third constitution of Thasos (Epidemics I).
35) Also, an earlier inscription from Thasos, dating about 470 B.
Potamianos for a trip on his yacht Thelginos (built in Glasgow in 1926) specially to check these depths in July 1993; also to Stuart Mann, Thasos Economou, and Dimitri Mellios who helped me to do it.