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The BCC exceeds the standards of Red Tractor, which demand 20 lux and a stocking density of 38kg/m2, with no specific requirements for breeds and less stringent ones for stunning.
This was due to the "exceptionally rapid stockbuilding early in the year" which boosted demand, the BCC said.
The report also added that examining the worsening situation of the patient, the attendants were consulted for putting the patient on a ventilator which the attendants refused, while the BCC staff had to take permission from father in law of the patient.
We rushed our brother (Dr Adnan, 26), who was serving at a hospital in Mingora, to Burn Care Centre of PIMS after he received burn injuries in Swabi due to absence of the facility in whole KP, but the delay in providing treatment to him resulted in his death," his brother had alleged.However, the BCC management issued a comprehensive response to what they called a false allegation.
With this, we are losing jobs because figures the BCC is giving the NPA are not correct.
However, as they are often asymptomatic, patients often seek treatment in the later stages wherein the BCC has infiltrated the surrounding tissues.
The main focus of BCC research now is to determine its genetic cause by locating the BCC mutation.
We think meaningful progress in the BCC sector might not be made until late 2017.
All suspected isolates were phenotypically identified as belonging to the BCC by oxidase, OF-glucose, sculin hydrolysis, lysine decarboxylation, and DNA hydrolysis tests, as well as by the semi-automatized API-20NE (BioMerieux Inc, Mercy Letoil, France) method.
The BCC patients were mostly older than 50 years, with a peak age at detection of BCC of 71-80 years.
The "BCC Employee & Alumni Showcase" is a unique exhibit that gives current students and the college community the opportunity to see the talent of the BCC faculty and staff, as well as the level of technique and creativity that BCC's alumni have acquired.
The BCC upgraded British GDP growth forecast from 2.7 and 2.4 percent in 2014 and 2015 to 2.8 and 2.5 percent respectively, while the inflation rate is expected to remain at 2 percent in the period.