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Baltic states,

the countries of EstoniaEstonia
, Estonian Eesti, officially Republic of Estonia, republic (2005 est. pop. 1,333,000), 17,505 sq mi (45,339 sq km). It borders on the Baltic Sea in the west; the gulfs of Riga and Finland (both arms of the Baltic) in the southwest and north, respectively; Latvia
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, LatviaLatvia
, Latvian Latvija, officially Republic of Latvia, republic (2011 provisional pop. 2,067,887), 24,590 sq mi (63,688 sq km), north central Europe. It borders on Estonia in the north, Lithuania in the south, the Baltic Sea with the Gulf of Riga in the west, Russia in
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, and LithuaniaLithuania
, Lithuanian Lietuva, officially Republic of Lithuania, republic (2005 est. pop. 3,597,000), 25,174 sq mi (65,201 sq km), N central Europe. Lithuania borders on the Baltic Sea in the west, Latvia in the north, Belarus in the east and southeast, Poland in the
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, bordering on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. Formed in 1918, they remained independent republics until their involuntary incorporation in 1940 into the USSR. They regained their independence in Sept., 1991, and virtually all Russian troops were withdrawn by Aug., 1994. Finland is usually classed with the Scandinavian rather than with the Baltic states. See also Baltic provincesBaltic provinces,
historic regions of Courland, Livonia, Estonia, and Ingermanland bordering on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. They were conquered by Russia from Sweden in the 18th cent. and made into provinces.
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One of the most important topics of the annual meeting of the interior ministers of the Baltic countries was the guarding of the external border as it is also the external border of the European Union.
Germany is a NATO member country that has most often carried out air policing mission in the Baltic countries and that assists the Lithuanian military forces to modernize its weaponry.
A natural way of development of the Baltic countries has been tightening links with Western countries.
Among their topics are institutional reform and export competitiveness of Central and Eastern European economies, the threat and opportunity for manufacturing reshoring in East Central Europe and Baltic countries, how the global crisis is affecting the competitiveness of the Baltic countries, competitive strategies of successful local firms in Central and Eastern Europe, a comparative analysis of investment attractiveness of Visegrad Group countries, and socio-economic development and competitiveness of the North-West Federal District of Russia.
In the third section, the situation in the Baltic countries regarding trade union density decline is explained and finally, we derive estimates of the character and demand for trade unions in Baltic countries from the BWEL (2006) survey data.
Session 1: Geodetic education and research at universities of the Baltic countries and Switzerland;
We are glad to build up a stronger threshold in the Baltic countries gradually, and have direct to consumer relationship through BITE.
Swedish telecomms operator Tele2 AB announced on Tuesday (12 June) its targets for Russia and the Baltic countries.
Since 1990, the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia have made an unprecedented transition from Soviet republics to member states of the European Union, and members of NATO since 2004.
The Baltic countries were reincorporated into the Soviet Union
5per cent (one of the region's lowest),and a macro economic stability assured by the country's balanced budget, strict monetary policies and the most liberal currency exchange regime in the Baltic countries.
The Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) is expected to participate in the incinerator project with a loan of Euro 9 million, whilst the international Nordic Dimension partnership, which includes the European Union, the Baltic countries and Russia, will contribute Euro 6.