The Border

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Border, the,

region surrounding the boundary between England and Scotland. From the coast near Berwick along the Tweed River through the Cheviot Hills and on to Solway Firth, the narrow, rugged country is dotted with sites of battles between the Scots and the English. The wild country figures much in literature—in legend, in folklore, and particularly in the Border ballads.
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They tried to stop a drug smuggler who had brought nearly 800 pounds of marijuana (worth nearly $1 million) across the border from Mexico in his van.
Efforts to strengthen Mexican environmental health expertise along the border are under way within SBRP programs at the University of Arizona (UA), Texas A&M University, and the University of California, San Diego.
11, Meister says the delays for trucks crossing the border have increased, but she also points out that delays have always existed at the border.
Davidson relates the fortunes of a country peasant woman fleeing the machismo and desperation of her hometown in search of a better life in Nogales; of an environmental activist fighting the maquiladora pollution that infects him with of a rare and deadly form of cancer; of a Mexican man who dies at the hands of an INS agent in an episode that precipitated changes in the Border Patrol operations; of the youth gangs who live underground in a labyrinth of tunnels built to handle water runoff during floods; and of two maquiladora managers who created a program to improve workers' lives and encourage them to own their own homes.
The prettier fence allows folks on either side of the border to look out over the other side and even to communicate through, but it's tall enough to prevent any clambering over the top.
In a sense, the world that for centuries had left the border pretty much alone roared in like an occupying army in the globalizing '90s, bringing with it international mafias, the transnational flow of the desperately poor, and booming global trade.
The recent nosedive of the Mexican economy has made things worse, as trade has fallen off and many businesses along the border have closed.
While no reasonable person would object to cooperation between law enforcement officials on both sides of the border, the "action plan" being created between Homeland Security and the Mexican Secretariat of Governance employs language that points to something much more extensive than U.