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After marrying into the family and taking over operations, Frederick Pabst--who renamed the company after himself--sent Pabst Best Select to the Chicago World's Fair in 1893, where it swept the beer category.
Plans call for the center to be built in Jackson Park, which was a site for the Chicago World's Fair in 1893.
Her winning symphony caught the attention of Chicago Symphony Orchestra conductor Frederick Stock, and he premiered her work during the Chicago World's Fair in 1933.
Trexler traces the history of missions in Lebanon from the conversion of Said Jureidini at the Chicago World's Fair to the establishment of a Baptist community in Lebanon to the work of Southern Baptist missionaries in Lebanon and beyond.
"It was about the iconic, mostly stone buildings that you would see up in New York or another major destination, the train station hubs and terminal buildings, even old postcards where the excitement is getting on the train and going to the Chicago World's Fair. We turned the clock back."
Turning to the topic; the Chicago World's Fair also known as the World's Columbian Exposition took place in 1893.
The Chicago World's Fair of 1892 launched Williams's career as lecturer and established her national prominence as an expert on the reform work of black women.
In 1933, the Chicago World's Fair, celebrating ''A Century of Progress,'' officially opened.
"Lessons learned from the cold storage fire at the Chicago World's Fair of 1893." ASHRAE Transactions.
Reflecting both his company's position as an industry leader and as one of Chicago's top employers, Deering clearly determined to cut a wide swath at the Chicago world's fair. "The Deering exhibit covers 2,000 Square feet and includes a dazzling display of light-running frictionless roller- and hall-bearing twine-binders, mowers and reapers, all finished in burnished silver and gold plate," gushed an account in Rand, McNally & Co.'s A Week tit Me Fair, published in 1893.
As a dredge, it carried fill for the site of the Chicago World's Fair in 1933.