The Press

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Press, The


the aggregate of mass periodical publications; newspapers and journals.

The term “the press” at first referred to general political periodical publications intended for the mass reader. Connected with this concept was the derivation of the term from the name of the mass newspaper, La Presse, first published in Paris in 1836. The French word presse, from the Latin presso (“I press”), reflected the basis of the printing process: the transfer of ink by pressing a form onto paper and the potential for the production of multiple copies. As periodicals developed and became diversified, groups of mass periodical publications were established for specialized purposes, such as the scholarly press; with specialized content, for example the sports press; and for a specialized readership, such as the young people’s press.

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Stuart McMillan is one of New Zealand's best known and respected commentators and analysts of international affairs, including nearly forty years in this specialist field with the Christchurch Press.
He was one of the best captains we've ever had," Pala'amo told the Christchurch Press newspaper.
A positive image from the Christchurch Press after the most damaging earthquake was Somali women preparing meals for the emergency workers.
Rise Up Stacey was set up to help Stacey Reeves, who was stuck on the top floor of the Christchurch Press building when the earthquake struck on February 22.
Meanwhile, the Christchurch Press reported a guest trapped for four hours in the city s Grand Chancellor hotel had received a NZ$300 bill for his stay, including $15.
There is no issue at all about the spirit of cricket as the ball was still alive,' Snedden told The Christchurch Press.
Just before Christmas last year, Lyttleton Health Centre practice nurse Donna Thomson was interviewed by the Christchurch Press about the pay parity in primary health campaign.
Jo Mannami, a 35-year-old student, told the Christchurch Press newspaper that Koda was a ''bit of a loner'' and ''crazy'' to enter Iraq.
Eatwell hopes that his book, titled 'You Can Bank On It', will eventually lead to greater accountability within the New Zealand banking industry, reports The Christchurch Press.
one of the workers said, according to the Christchurch Press.
In 1935 Curnow moved back to Christchurch, married, and began working at the Christchurch Press where he remained for some 15 years (apart from a year in London and the United States in 1949) until moving to Auckland in 1950.