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community chest,

cooperative organization of citizens and social welfare agencies in a city. Also known as a united fund, it has two purposes: to raise funds through an annual campaign for its member agencies and to budget the funds raised. The fund is administered by the community chest or united fund itself, or as a joint endeavor with a community welfare council; to represent the idea of administering, as well as collecting, the funds, the national association in 1927 took the name Community Chests and Councils. Today the organization's official name is the United Way of America. In 1974, it formed United Way International to provide assistance to the international United Way community and similar fundraising organizations outside the United States. The idea of cooperative collecting for charitable purposes originated in Liverpool, England (1873), and, in the United States, in Denver (1887). In 1900 the Cleveland chamber of commerce went a step further and assumed responsibility for endorsing the agencies seeking funds; 13 years later Cleveland brought almost all its welfare organizations together in the Cleveland Welfare Council. The name community chest was coined in Rochester, N.Y., in 1913.


See J. R. Sealey et al., Community Chest: A Case Study in Philanthropy (1957).

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Western Australia's nine regional development commissions oversee the projects, each being allocated an equal share from which to provide the Community Chest Fund grants.
Lord Falconer visited Birmingham to offer guidance to voluntary sector groups who will be bidding for the Community Chest cash.
The importance of the Community Chest in Singapore raises certain issues for our study.
"In these difficult financial times, the input of funds from the Community Chest really helps us to reach out to the wider community and provide opportunities for more and more people to be involved in this incredible sport."
Community groups within WPD's distribution area can apply for the cash help, as Tracy Carr, the company's community liaison officer explained:"The Community Chest scheme is designed to help a range of groups take simple but effective energy efficiency measures to not only reduce their energy costs but also reduce the carbon emissions of the buildings they use for their activities.
But speaking at the Local Services scrutiny committee Ayoub Khan (Lib Dem, Aston) said: "I value the community chest, it has been very useful in my ward."
The Community Chest offers grants of up to pounds 2, 000 each to help fund innovative ways to tackle health and social issues.
The lessons, from the Coventry and Warwickshire Shotakan Karate Club, based at the scout hut in Freehold Street, have been made possible thanks to a donation from the Community Chest fund, co-ordinated through the Hillfields WATCH group.
"Hundreds of diverse projects and organisations across regional WA have significantly benefited from the Community Chest Fund in recent years."
The Community Chest is also used to assist organisations working in the field of disability sport, with BME communities and those providing sporting opportunities for women and girls.
Coun Ledger said: "We appreciate the community chest is a very popular source of funding for many communities around the county and funded projects have already brought a wide range of benefits to the area.

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