Izaak Walton

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Izaak Walton
BirthplaceStafford, England
Known for Authoring The Compleat Angler

Walton, Izaak,

1593–1683, English writer. He wrote one of the most famous books in the English language, The Compleat Angler; or, the Contemplative Man's Recreation. The first edition appeared in 1653, and it was reissued frequently with additional material; the last edition in Walton's lifetime appeared in 1676. The book not only describes the technique of angling, but draws a picture of peace and simple virtue that was Walton's protest against the civil wars taking place at the time. He also wrote several biographies, including ones of John Donne (1640), Sir Henry Wotton (1651), and George Herbert (1670), all of whom were his friends.


See study by D. Novarr (1958); J. R. Cooper, The Art of The Compleat Angler (1968).

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For the second edition of The Compleat Angler in 1655, Walton expanded it considerably and the fifth edition (1676) includes an additional dialogue featuring 'Piscator' and 'Viator' written by Charles Cotton (1630-87).
The actual conference center, 150 yards up the street from the Compleat Angler. 49 guest rooms (two double beds), cottages (two double beds, dining area, refrigerator), satellite TV, fresh water swimming pool, tennis court, poolside and sports bar, liquor store, souvenir shop and marina.
If Alastair Fowler's anthology, The Country House Poem (Edinburgh, 1994), would perhaps in any case have appeared too late for inclusion, it was always odd to quote Walton's The Compleat Angler from the Everyman edition of 1906 rather than Jonquil Bevan's splendidly annotated one of 1983, and her study of the work (Brighton, 1988) should have been cited in the last chapter.
Izaak Walton's cottage is safe now, and the Compleat Angler may sleep quietly beside Shawford Brook, the stream on which he 'lingered long hours'.
Compleat Angler, The (in full The Compleat Angler; or, the Contemplative Man's Recreation) A pastoral discourse on the joys of fishing by Walton, Izaak, first published in 1653.
In his chapter on The Compleat Angler and The First Anniversary, he submits that these works contest one another on political grounds; and the proposition seems farfetched until we are reminded of an earlier work by Marvell, Upon Appleton House, in which Angler, along with Mary Fairfax, appears, and the figures seem to represent opposite stances that might be adopted in postwar England, namely apathetic (Cavalier) retreat and ardent (Cromwellian) reformism.
Although Walton is usually associated with his book about fishing, The Compleat Angler (1653), he is more important as an early writer of biographies.
An intimate friend of Izaak Walton, he wrote a treatise on fly - fishing, which was included in the fifth edition (1676) of The Compleat Angler. Cotton was also the author of several other translations from the French, some rather scurrilous burlesques of Vergil and Lucian, and a number of poems on fishing, country life, and related subjects.
ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY www.expressandstar.com 1593: Izaak Walton, the "father of angling" - he wrote The Compleat Angler - was born in Stafford.
ON THIS DAY 1593: Izaak Walton, the "father of angling" - he wrote The Compleat Angler - was born in Stafford.
9th August 1914: The strike of engineers labourers in Huddersfield which has extended over six weeks and which has affected 1,600 men, was on Saturday suspended until the close of the war 1593: Izaak Walton, the ''father of angling'' - he wrote The Compleat Angler - was born in Stafford.
In his 1653 book The Compleat Angler, Izaak Walton wrote: "As you are fishing chew a little white or brown bread in your mouth and cast it into the pond, about the place where your float swims."

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