The Craft

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The Craft (movie)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Directed by Andrew Fleming, this 1996 movie is actually more about practicing magic than practicing Witchcraft. The story centers on Sarah (played by Robin Tunney), a young student who has recently relocated to Los Angeles and enrolled in St. Benedict's Academy. There she meets three other girls who, like her, seem to have difficulty fitting in. The leader of the three is Nancy (Fairuza Balk), a cunning, treacherous young woman. Bonnie (Neve Campbell) was badly scarred in a fire that left her tortured and insecure, and Rochelle (Rachel True) is an overachiever. The three feel that Sarah is a "natural Witch" who will complete their group. They get books and instructions from a nearby occult bookstore and do rituals on the beach. Their principal aim, however, seems to be to get even with classmates who have ill-treated them.

The group worships a deity called Manon, a fictional deity created for the movie. The young women dress in black clothing, wear heavy eyeliner and black lipstick, and are more punk than Wiccan. There are some good special effects, but it is a poor script with stock characters and a weak ending.

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