The Desert Island Dracula Library

The Desert Island Dracula Library

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The Desert Island Dracula Library is a specialized line of titles from the British publishing company, Desert Island Books, owned by Dracula scholar Clive Leatherdale. While Desert Island is by no means limited to Dracula and vampire studies, it has been a special interest of Leatherdale who has himself written several of the outstanding books on the novel Dracula. The aim of the Library is to:

  • enhance the understanding of Dracula by adding to the critical works already published by the Dracula Library, which includes Elizabeth Miller‘s Dracula: The Shade and the Shadow;
  • increase the folkloric appreciation of vampirism by republishing early texts, to stand alongside Dom Calmet’s Treatise on Vampires and Revenants;
  • publish annotated editions of all Bram Stoker‘s major works, in addition to the two editions already available: Dracula Unearthed and The Jewel of Seven Stars; and
  • make available Stoker’s hitherto unpublished works, most of which date from his early years.

Desert Island Books may be reached at Volumes of the Desert Island Dracula Library are distributed in North America by Firebird Distributing (1945 P Street, Eureka, CA 95501). In the 1900s, Desert Island Books was very active in the publishing of material related to Dracula and vampires. Its last major Dracula publication was Elizabeth Miller’s Dracula Sense and Nonsense in 2000.

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