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PolicyPortal provides near real-time policy compliance visibility and reporting for machines that are virtually impossible to audit because they are frequently disconnected from the directory.
The directory lists over 400 major gaming property owners, their executive contacts, and the over 1,000 gaming properties they own and operate.
To register for the Directory Experts Conference for Active Directory, please visit http://www.
Fast look-up, instant update rate and no change to the existing application infrastructure are hallmarks of this system and essential to the directory market.
It also includes rules-based, automated provisioning of other IT resources to simplify Active Directory management and protect the directory from being populated with bad or inconsistent data.
This unique feature, made possible by Xpherix Dynamic Directory technology, ensures that the information in a subscriber's address book is always current for both the subscriber and the directory assistance operator.
This is more than all the directory pages Quebecor World prints in Canada where it has more than 90% per cent of the market.