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1. Law an actual event, happening, etc., as distinguished from its legal consequences. Questions of fact are decided by the jury, questions of law by the court or judge
2. Philosophy a proposition that may be either true or false, as contrasted with an evaluative statement
3. after (or before) the fact Criminal law after (or before) the commission of the offence
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(artificial intelligence, programming)
The kind of clause used in logic programming which has no subgoals and so is always true (always succeeds). E.g.

wet(water). male(denis).

This is in contrast to a rule which only succeeds if all its subgoals do. Rules usually contain logic variables, facts rarely do, except for oddities like "equal(X,X).".
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In 2015 Charlotte released a tell-all memoir, The Facts of Life, where she opened up about being sober for 44 years and when she discovered her husband John Strauss was bisexual.
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She boasted she had taught unions "the facts of life".
Though all but forgotten today, Mom and Dad was so heavily promoted that Time once remarked that the ad campaign "left only the livestock unaware of the chance to learn the facts of life."
COVENTRY born author Graham Joyce has started work on his next novel following publication of The Facts of Life last year.
Brian Clowes, PhD., The Facts of Life (second edition), 2001, $19.95 U.S., softcover, 448 pages.
With concessions and rent reductions being now the facts of life in the borough's multi-family market, there may be a need to reevaluate projected rents.
Grangers of the world to the punch in telling their daughters the facts of life. I even hear of divorced dads who happen to have their daughters the day Aunt Flo visits for the first time--and, without red faces or white knuckles, have driven their girls to the nearest drug store to pick up supplies.